Roofing Tips


Maximize Your Solar Panel’s Efficiency

Your Guide to Maintaining Your Investment Conveniently, you’ve installed solar panels and are now reaping the benefits of eco-friendly and low-cost energy for your home. Solar panels are a residual investment on your savings, but it is crucial to maintain your panels to ensure you continue to receive the maximum

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Hurricane Preparedness

Knowing When Your Shingle Roof Needs to be Replaced

It can be hard to know when your shingle roof needs to be replaced without the advice of a licensed roofing contractor. Since it is not advised for a homeowner to walk on their roof, there are ways to see of the roof needs replacement from the ground.

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Cracked roof repair

Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance is important year round, but now, as we enter our dryer winter season, we have a great opportunity to maintain our roofs. In fact, performing roof maintenance during South Florida winter time has many benefits:

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Model of house, thermal insulation of roof concept
News & Updates

Ready to Save Money?

As energy costs begin to take a larger chunk out of the average homeowner’s pocket, innovative and new roofing techniques and materials are being developed to save money. To add to the benefit, many strained utilities and green-focused government agencies are more than willing to offer generous rebates on these energy-saving products. Here are some ideas to consider as you plan your next roofing or construction project.

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