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Roof maintenance is important year round, but now, as we enter our dryer winter season, we have a great opportunity to maintain our roofs. In fact, performing roof maintenance during South Florida winter time has many benefits:

Winter in Florida means less rain. That, in turn, means that roof work can progress more quickly. Especially when it comes to large projects that span several days or even weeks, having less rain to deal with eliminates many of the delays and complication we run into in the summer.

Less rain means a lower chance of interior water damage. All too often, we find problems in our roofing system after there has been a breach and rain pours in. Many times these leaks go undetected for weeks or months. Often, the interior damage caused by a leak can far exceed the cost of the repair itself.

And just one final thought. Just because the rainy season is over, doesn’t mean we can’t have rain. A strong downpour, no matter what the season can cause significant damage to a roof weakened by our summer weather.
Now is as good a time as any to inspect and maintain your roof. Feel free to give us a call to have a look at your roof and allow us to suggest ways to strengthen it for next season.

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