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Ready to Save Money?

As energy costs begin to take a larger chunk out of the average homeowner’s pocket, innovative and new roofing techniques and materials are being developed to save money. To add to the benefit, many strained utilities and green-focused government agencies are more than willing to offer generous rebates on these energy-saving products. Here are some ideas to consider as you plan your next roofing or construction project.

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What Roof Warranty Do You Need?

Have you noticed that warranties are getting longer and longer?

Think about it – how long would you expect a roof to last in the South Florida sun – with wind, rain and heat battering it just about every day? Does an unconditional 20, 30 or lifetime warranty sound plausible? Probably not.

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Roofing Nuisances

The very nature of the roofing business and re-roofing projects necessitate noise, smell and a general mess. There’s simply no way to get around it. It is important however, for the safety and comfort of those in and around your home, that you hold your contractor to the very highest standards of safety and workplace cleanliness.

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Why Your Roofer Needs To Be Licensed and Insured

Florida has had its fair share of problems stemming from unlicensed contracting. Especially during a particularly rainy time or during a tropical storm or hurricane, many unlicensed contractors take to the streets to do unauthorized work on unsuspecting homeowners. The result is problematic for municipalities and homeowners alike.

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Ensuring Your Warranty Is Honored

Almost every roofing job comes with a roofing warranty. This warranty may vary in scope and length, but having the peace of mind that your roof is covered in case of premature failure cannot be overstated.  That said, there are times where homeowners are shocked to find that their roofing warranty is not honored, either by the material manufacturer or the contractor. Cases like these can cause a significant amount of distress an expense.

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