Ensuring Your Warranty Is Honored

Almost every roofing job comes with a roofing warranty. This warranty may vary in scope and length, but having the peace of mind that your roof is covered in case of premature failure cannot be overstated.  That said, there are times where homeowners are shocked to find that their roofing warranty is not honored, either by the material manufacturer or the contractor. Cases like these can cause a significant amount of distress an expense.

There are ways to help ensure that your roof is covered under its warranty.

  • Use a reputable roofing contractor who has a track record of honoring warranty repairs.
  • Use a contractor affiliated with or certified by major roof material manufacturers.
  • Buy extended coverage warranties from the manufacturer, such as the GAF Golden Pledge Warranty, which covers both labor and materials.
  • Read your roofing warranty carefully. The terms and conditions in the warranty can help you fully understand what your responsibilities are to ensure that the roof remains covered.
  • Maintain your roof. One of the most common oversights is not having a proper roof maintenance program in place.  Roof maintenance at regular intervals may be an integral part of the roofing warranty but also ensures that the roof lasts as long as it should.
  • Address any roofing problems immediately. Delaying a call to your contractor may exacerbate the problem forcing unnecessary damage on the roof.

While we all hope that our roof systems will never fail prematurely, it is unfortunately a fact of life in South Florida. Our roofing systems are put through significant strain, whether it be hot sun or wind and rain. Ultimately doing our homework to ensure we are covered can make a bad situation much better.