Making Sure Your Roof Work Progresses Smoothly

March 25, 2021

If you have ever replaced you roof, you know that there are strict requirements that goes along with it. Inspectors from your municipality check each and every permitted roofing job to ensure that city, county, state and federal codes are all met at various points in the roofing project.

Major inspections start as soon as the roof has been torn off. The next check-up is called the tin-tag inspection. It ensures that the very base of the roof has been secured properly to the concrete or wood roof deck, ensuring maximum water and wind uplift resistance. After all, the foundation of the roofing system sets the stage for the materials built above it.

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Natural Light For Less

When we hear the word solar, we immediately think of significant expense and less than pleasing aesthetics. However, Solatube® Daylighting Systems are a cheaper, easier and better-looking way to get natural sunlight into your home.

Garabar is proud to offer professional installation of this innovative system, which reflects light into your home without the need for any kind of electric supplementation. The Solatube® is comprised of essentially three parts; the collector, the tube and the reflector, much like a small skylight.

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Security for Snowbirds

January 8, 2021

Most homeowners understand that hurricane impact windows and doors are an important investment, especially in South Florida. At the end of almost every Palm Beach summer, Floridians are urged to prepare due to a potential hurricane threat. What many homeowners do not consider though are the many other security benefits to investing in impact windows and doors. These perks can be especially beneficial for our seasonal residents (yes you snowbirds) who are not wanting to worry about their property while they are away for long periods of time.

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So You Think It’s Time For A Roofing Inspection

What to Expect & How Garabar Can Help


Even the most durable of roofs can obtain some damage right under your nose. Garabar recommends having your roof professionally inspected at least once a year and before and after a major hurricane. Those South Florida storms are no joke and can leave damage behind that you may not realize. If left untreated, you could end up with an entire roof replacement on your hands. Garabar is here to make sure that doesn’t happen to you. We always offer free assessments and are continuously servicing areas like Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Delray Beach, and Boca Raton.


Don’t know what to expect? Here is the breakdown Garabar offers:


1. A full interior roof inspection by going up in the attic to ensure:


  • You have proper insulation
  • Your ventilation is working the way it should
  • Your home is free of moisture and mold


2. A full exterior inspection includes going up on the roof to check wear and tear and advising you on:


  • Potential leaks or damage left behind from a leak
  • Whether your roof has blistering
  • The condition of your roof’s shingles
  • Your roof’s ability to withstand impending weather conditions
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Making the time for your roof inspection now means that if there is an issue, you can potentially discover it before the damage is irreversible. This will ensure that you get the most out of the investment you put in your roof and will not be hit with unexpected problems. Always keep in mind that with the Garabar Guarantee, you can rest easy knowing that your roof is in good hands. Give us a call to schedule your free assessment today at (561) 337-6798!

What Are Hurricane Impact Windows?

Hurricane (or impact) windows are designed to offer year-round protection from high winds and other perils. Like auto safety glass, these windows are made with laminated glass that doesn’t break into shards if shattered, the windows remain intact even if the glass is broken. To create these windows, two panels of glass are bonded with a clear, ultra-strong interlayer. Window and door frames and window sashes, as well as the hardware, are also specially designed to keep the windows or doors in place during the harshest weather.  Installing hurricane rated windows and doors eliminates the need to close up with unsightly shutters, put up panels, or hang plywood in the event of an impending storm.

Garabar, Roofing, Windows, Doors & Solar is conveniently located in Lake Worth, Florida.  We offer a full range of hurricane impact windows and hurricane impact doors for your home, condominium, or business. We also offer commercial storefront impact doors and glass. Servicing all of Palm Beach County and beyond, all the products we offer are made of commercial grade aluminum or vinyl, high impact resistant laminated glass and high-quality hardware all manufactured to conform to rigorous industry standards.

Garabar supplies and installs hurricane windows in around West Palm Beach including that are certified according to the strictest code in Florida for large and small missile protection and extreme wind load resistance.  All Garabar’s products meet or exceed the Miami-Dade Product Approval Control or the Florida Building Code standards for HVHZ (High Velocity Hurricane Zone).   We proudly service discerning customers in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Canal Point, Delray Beach, Deerfield Beach, Greenacres, Jupiter, Juno Beach, Lake Harbor, Lake Worth, Lantana, Light House Point, Loxahatchee, Manalapan, North Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Riviera Beach, Singer Island, and Wellington.

Security Against Intruders
Impact Glass cannot be broken easily. All Garabar impact windows & hurricane impact doors are forced-entry resistant. You’ll feel safe knowing your home and family, or storefront can withstand virtually anything mother nature can throw at it. Garabar also has extra security options including reinforced locks where needed.

Protection Against Harmful UV and Infrared Rays
Hurricane impact windows are built with an interlayer sealed between the glass called PVB (polyvinyl butyral). Garabar only uses the strongest rated SMI and LMI glass on the market with options available to help keep your home cool, even during the hottest times of the year.

Energy Efficiency
Improve your comfort level and save on your FPL bills too!  Hurricane windows & impact front doors are constructed of heavy-duty materials providing insulating & shielding capabilities. Garabar deals directly with our manufacturing partners resulting in the ability to custom spec energy efficiency as well as higher impact grade glass for your specific need.

How To Choose A Contractor

Whether installing new windows and doors in a single-family home or adding a new roof an entire condominium building, choosing the right contractor is the most important component in the process. Having the best products and materials available is of little value if they are improperly installed. The key to having a successful project is to evaluate a window contractor in the following areas.

  1. Are they fully licensed to perform the work? Check with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation to make sure the license is current. Check online ratings with social media, as well as the BBB for possible complaints filed against the contractor.
  2. Do they have adequate insurance for your protection? Many contractors work with only minimum required coverage or have no coverage for the type of work performed. This is particularly true in the area of Workers Compensation coverage.
  3. Do they operate out of a commercial office with a working phone number answered by a live employee? Many contractors operate without a physical plant. Whether it is a mail drop, a home office, cell phone, or just “Chuck in a Truck”. When something goes wrong, do you want to be leaving a voice mail message and hoping someone returns your call?
  4. Is the company the right size for your job? A very small company may not have enough depth in their staffing to keep a project on schedule if the unexpected happens to key personnel. Yet a very large company may not give your project the individual attention needed for a smooth and timely completion.
  5. Was the installation process explained to you? Many people think they are simply buying new windows, when in reality, window and door installation is, in fact, a major construction project. Furthermore, when work is done inside your home, such as installing new windows and doors, it can can turn into an invasive and dirty process if you choose poorly. Workers may be in every room of your home at some point during your project. Usually, a LOT of dust is created because of all the grinding, sawing, and drilling required. If the dust control is left in the hands of unskilled or unsupervised workers, you could be in for a nightmarish clean-up afterwards.
  6. Will there be adequate project supervision? Unfortunately, it is all too common to have a contractor or salesperson sign you up and then your project is handed off to a sub-contractor who just wants to get the job done in a hurry without regard for quality. This is the primary cause of the construction “horror stories” many consumers have experienced. Additionally, this is where the insurance coverage is often lacking as the contractor may have had coverage, but his “subs” did not.
  7. Were you provided a complete detailed proposal? Does it include descriptions of work, products and types of materials to be used, the warranties available, payment requirements, and project procedures and timelines?
  8. What about the Price? We have all heard the comment about “you get what you pay for”. Understand that higher quality products and protection costs more than lower quality, and that higher skilled, more experienced workers command higher salaries. Therefore, the lowest bid is the one most likely to have the most problems. Professionalism, experience, and quality workmanship should be the driving factors in your selection process.

Ensuring Your Warranty Is Honored

Almost every roofing job comes with a roofing warranty. This warranty may vary in scope and length, but having the peace of mind that your roof is covered in case of premature failure cannot be overstated.  That said, there are times where homeowners are shocked to find that their roofing warranty is not honored, either by the material manufacturer or the contractor. Cases like these can cause a significant amount of distress an expense.

There are ways to help ensure that your roof is covered under its warranty.

  • Use a reputable roofing contractor who has a track record of honoring warranty repairs.
  • Use a contractor affiliated with or certified by major roof material manufacturers.
  • Buy extended coverage warranties from the manufacturer, such as the GAF Golden Pledge Warranty, which covers both labor and materials.
  • Read your roofing warranty carefully. The terms and conditions in the warranty can help you fully understand what your responsibilities are to ensure that the roof remains covered.
  • Maintain your roof. One of the most common oversights is not having a proper roof maintenance program in place.  Roof maintenance at regular intervals may be an integral part of the roofing warranty but also ensures that the roof lasts as long as it should.
  • Address any roofing problems immediately. Delaying a call to your contractor may exacerbate the problem forcing unnecessary damage on the roof.

While we all hope that our roof systems will never fail prematurely, it is unfortunately a fact of life in South Florida. Our roofing systems are put through significant strain, whether it be hot sun or wind and rain. Ultimately doing our homework to ensure we are covered can make a bad situation much better.

Why Your Roofer Needs To Be Licensed And Insured

Florida has had its fair share of problems stemming from unlicensed contracting. Especially during a particularly rainy time or during a tropical storm or hurricane, many unlicensed contractors take to the streets to do unauthorized work on unsuspecting homeowners. The result is problematic for municipalities and homeowners alike.

So how can you help avoid hiring an unlicensed roofing contractor?

  1. Make sure your contractor is licensed by the state of Florida at:
  2. Even if everything looks official, speak to the contractor’s office and make sure that they have a record of your job
  3. Never sign a blank or incomplete contract, no matter what the salesperson tells you.
  4. Make sure the name on the contract you sign matches exactly with the name of the contractor on your permit application.
  5. Never sign a blank permit application
  6. Get references from other homeowners who have used the contractor and check the BBB

Remember that while it may be tempting to hire an unlicensed contractor – they may be able to come out to your property more quickly or do the job at a lower cost, you are ultimately responsible for the people on your roof, if they do not have insurance. Further, the city may not finalize your permit and possibly even red tag your property which may mean an expensive fix. The work performed may be substandard anyway. Finally, the material manufacturer may not honor the warranty on your roof if they find out it was performed by an unlicensed contractor.

Remember contractors go through the licensing process for a very good reason. Their competence and ability is tested thoroughly for your protection.

What Roof Warranty Do You Need?

What Roof Warranty Do You Need?

Have you noticed that warranties are getting longer and longer?

Think about it – how long would you expect a roof to last in the South Florida sun – with wind, rain and heat battering it just about every day? Does an unconditional 20, 30 or lifetime warranty sound plausible? Probably not.

As you start to consider the contractor that is right for you and the materials that will be used on your roof, take a close look at the fine print. No doubt there are contractors and material manufacturers that will stand by their product for the time stated, but what are the actual terms? Use the following as a handy guide to reading your warranty:

  • What happens if the contractor goes out of business? Will the material manufacturer cover labor costs? For example Garabar works with manufacturers whose warranties cover material and labor. Read the contract and ask questions. We all know, the construction industry is volatile.
  • Are there exclusions? Most materials will have a wind rating, meaning that if damage is caused by a hurricane with winds stronger than the wind rating, the warranty may not apply. Other exclusions such as hail damage and falling objects may void or limit your warranty.  Make sure your roof is protected.
  • What are the maintenance requirements? You’ll find that most warranties require you to regularly maintain your roof – and rightly so. A roof is like any other important asset that must be cared for to maximize its useable life.
  • Other terms. Every warranty is different and just like any other contract you should read your warranty thoroughly to make sure you understand what you’re agreeing to.

Decisions on your warranty can also revolve around how long you expect to keep your property. Knowing your plans for the future may help you negotiate a warranty that matches your price requirements. And finally, don’t be afraid to ask your contractor lots of questions.

With extra money being ever harder to come by, we want to help make sure, whether you use us or not, that you are protected with the right warranty solution for your particular circumstance.

Knowing When Your Shingle Roof Needs To Be Replaced

It can be hard to know when your shingle roof needs to be replaced without the advice of a licensed roofing contractor. Since it is not advised for a homeowner to walk on their roof, there are ways to see if the roof needs replacement from the ground.



  • First, check for shingle roof granules in the gutters or on the ground. These protective granules will start to fall off in ever greater quantity as the shingles near their end. If you’re seeing lots of granules, it may be time to call a roofer.
  • Then look out for curled or cracked shingles. As the asphalt in the shingle becomes worn and brittle they will start to deteriorate. Curling and cracking are signs that the shingles are deteriorating.
  • Check for organic growth including mold and mildew. This can cause the premature deterioration of the roof. Minor organic growth can be handled easily. However, depending on the severity of the problem, it may require a re-roof.
  • Naturally, if you see leaks inside your home, this is a clear sign of a roof problem. In this case, the roof can be repaired, but may have to be replaced depending on its overall condition.



Of course implementing a solid roof maintenance plan can offer some clarity as to the remaining life of your roof. With regular inspections, a roofer can easily determine when the shingles are starting to wear beyond their usable life and perform repairs to keep them in good shape.



No matter how you determine that your shingles are ready for replacement, don’t wait too long. Penetrations in the roofing system can cause slow or inconspicuous leaks that can cause major damage before they are found. Keeping an eye on your shingle roof and replacing it when the time is right is the best way to avoid these costly repairs.

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