Ready to Save Money?

As energy costs begin to take a larger chunk out of the average homeowner’s pocket, innovative and new roofing techniques and materials are being developed to save money. To add to the benefit, many strained utilities and green-focused government agencies are more than willing to offer generous rebates on these energy-saving products. Here are some ideas to consider as you plan your next roofing or construction project.

  • Reflective roofing surfaces. From shingles, to tile, to flat roofing there are light colored reflective materials that can keep the roof surface far cooler than traditional roofing materials. This often translates to reduce cooling costs down below. Utilities may also offer rebates through certified contractors that can mitigate some of the cost of the roof job.
  • Solar panels. With the cost of solar panels dropping, a solar installation can begin to pay for itself shortly after installation. Any power generated in excess of the needs of the home can be sold back to the utility and utilities often have programs to help with the initial cost of installation.
  • Vegetation-covered roofs. For larger energy efficient buildings with a flat roof, vegetation on the roof can absorb much the of the sun’s heat and reduce cooling costs in the building below. While the level of maintenance can be more onerous, the savings can be drastic. This is truly a green solution to cooler roofing.

The above are just some of the larger, more costly solutions to higher energy costs. Not all improvements have to have huge upfront costs however. Here are some less expensive, but money-saving ideas for your

  • Solar powered attic fans can remove hot air in the attic, allowing for the living area below to remain cooler for longer. With little maintenance and no operating costs, this is a great solution for the average homeowner.
  • Proper ventilation can not only save money in creating an efficient flow of air through the home, but can increase the life span of your roofing system. Speak to your roofer about balancing the ventilation in your home.
  • Natural light reflection systems such as a Solatube® daylighting options can bring natural light to hallways and closets that would otherwise need installation and maintenance of light fixtures.

Ask us about your money saving options…there are lots out there and we can help you take advantage of them.