Roofing Nuisances

The very nature of the roofing business and re-roofing projects necessitate noise, smell and a general mess. There’s simply no way to get around it. It is important however, for the safety and comfort of those in and around your home, that you hold your contractor to the very highest standards of safety and workplace cleanliness.

Noise in the form of hammering and large equipment outside your home and smell in the form of tar paper and hot tar being applied to your roof are pretty much unavoidable in any given roofing project. Your contractor can minimize the disturbance, however it is virtually impossible to eliminate. The mess generated by a roofing project can certainly be mitigated by a contractor who places an emphasis on daily cleaning and safety on the job site.

Roofing requires nails, heavy materials and other sharp metal objects to be installed at most phases of the project.

To help with safety and security, first do not enter or leave the house while work is being performed overhead. Enter and leave the house only when there’s no possibility of any debris and roofing material falling on you. The second safety measure is to expect your contractor to clean up as much small and large debris as is reasonably possible, including any metal fragments or nails that may have fallen off the roof at the end of each day. That debris can be dangerous for adults, children and pets that may play or walk in the grass or along paths.

In order to ensure your contractor’s compliance, it is very important that you make it clear – before the work begins – that you expect the job to be performed in this manner. You may even wish to have the contractor include a provision to this effect in the contract or scope of work before you sign up. Contracting is loud messy and smelly work. With proper care, safety should never be compromised.

Ensure the safety of your family by communicating clearly with your contractor to understand exactly what will be done to prioritize safety on the job.