Sealing Your Tile Roof

A beautiful new roof is an exciting thing to see for any homeowner. However, the weather assault on that roof starts the moment it is installed.

Sealing a roof can be an important part of a comprehensive roof maintenance program that extends the life of your roofing system. A tile roof may cost as much as a car…sometimes even more. Yet many homeowners do not maintain their roof like they do their car. The result can be a series of costly and largely preventable repairs. Over the years, the roof takes quite a beating, especially during the rainy and hurricane season when a good maintenance program becomes all the more important.

A tile sealer is very similar to a sealer for your car’s paint. The sealer we use is a clear coat, largely invisible from the ground that provides protection from many of the most common causes of roof damage. While a clear-coat sealer can offer its protective properties for quite a while, it must be applied regularly – on a yearly basis – to be most effective. Without a tile sealer, your roofing tiles are more susceptible to organic growth such as mildew and mold as well as degradation from UV rays. This is especially true of highly porous tiles such as those made from clay.

We have seen roofs that have failed after just a few short years and others that have lasted to the very end. The difference is usually attributed to the care taken with a proper roof maintenance program. Remember, not all roof maintenance programs are the same and only a licensed roofer should be on your roof at any time. Anyone else performing roof work may void your warranty.

So consider a tile sealer as part of your roof and home maintenance program.