Security for Snowbirds

How Impact Windows & Doors Can Reduce Your Stress and Improve Your Security

Most homeowners understand that hurricane impact windows and doors are an important investment, especially in South Florida. At the end of almost every Palm Beach summer, Floridians are urged to prepare due to a potential hurricane threat. What many homeowners do not consider though are the many other security benefits to investing in impact windows and doors. These perks can be especially beneficial for our seasonal residents (yes you snowbirds) who are not wanting to worry about their property while they are away for long periods of time.

Extreme Weather Protection 

Impact windows and doors are meant to provide a protective shield for your home all year round so you and your family can rest easy when hurricane season comes around. Garabar recommends this home improvement because these windows and doors are required to go through two series of tests to ensure their durability. Both the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and the North American Fenestration Standard (NAFS) rigorously test hurricane impact windows for missile projectiles.

The first of the two tests include an impact of ten projectiles out of a cannon, followed by a nine-pound piece of lumber, at multiple points of the glass. The second test uses a machine that simulates varying degrees of pressure against the glass. In order for each material to pass the test, the hole from the projectile is less than five inches and does not let anything larger than a three-inch sphere pass through. All of the products that we offer homeowners pass these tests.

Home Invasion Prevention

Home invasions are a frequent concern for those who split their time between two different states. Studies claim that a home is broken into every 20.9 seconds in the United States. This can be alarming for those who only reside at a property half the year. While impact windows and door’s main purpose is to protect your home from extreme weather conditions, they are also nearly impossible for intruders to compromise.

The properties of impact glass prevent making an opening large enough for anyone to pass through even if they manage to get the glass to shatter. Many people have them installed into their homes for this reason alone due to the nearly foolproof security it provides.

Impact windows and doors from Garabar offer year-long security. You’ll never again have to board up your home or worry about unwanted intruders again. To get yours today, give us a call at (561) 337-6798! We have trucks commuting around Lake Worth, Palm Beach, Boca Raton and beyond!