How To Make Your Front Door A Design Element

January 7, 2022

In recent years, painting and revitalizing front doors have become a widespread home decor change. Homeowners enjoy changing things up and entertaining color and design changes to their home’s exterior. Superstition also plays a role in some people’s preferred door color choices. No matter your color preference, changing the style of your front door will ultimately make an enormous impact on your home’s curb appeal.

Want to let your guests in through the best door possible? Here’s how to pull it off while considering the rest of your home’s exterior.

Landscaping That Works With Your Color Palette

Many forget that ornamental plants and landscaping are crucial to the home’s exterior design. People often stop at keeping their grass cut and shrubbery trimmed. However, it’s advisable to consider it further. If you already have flowering trees or hedges: what color do they bloom? Don’t worry. We aren’t suggesting that you should get a pink door simply because you have pink hibiscus. Design experts say you should try to match the tone of the color. Warm colors go well with other warm colors, for instance. Otherwise, you can use contrasting colors to make things stand out.

Glistening New Windows

Updating your door will make the rest of your exterior look a little older unless you’ve recently updated that. Consider replacing your window trim with one of the thousands of exterior window trim ideas. You can find many ideas online. Perhaps deep cleaning them and removing stains will make your windows look new. Better yet, replace your tired old windows with some new impact windows to protect your home and family. Even though a complete replacement is expensive, it will lower your energy bills and allow you to save money in the long run. Window prices are going up, so there will never be a better time.

Decorative Shutters Pull It Together

Sometimes keeping designs matchy-matchy is terrible, but sometimes it can be campy and fun. For example, if your front door is an expressive and fun color, consider how that same color would look on your shutters, too. Usually, this works well with black, red, or white, and it makes the entire exterior of your home suddenly look purposefully coordinated.

Patio or Outdoor Furniture

Your outdoor furniture will often influence the color or shade of the door you choose. Going for a more modern glass door style can look strange against a porch full of forestry and cutesy country-themed pieces. Consider the type of your home and what you’ve done to create this aesthetic. Most importantly,  think about whether you genuinely like it or not.

You can always change your home’s exterior, but if you are already happy with your home’s major exterior features, furniture can be a great way to improve your home’s curb appeal further.

Fantastic New Siding Adds Style

Siding technology has come a long way. Products such as HardiePlank resists damage from sun, heat, humidity, and even hurricane-force winds. Depending on your home’s style, siding is another excellent option to draw everyone’s eyes towards your door. Unless your door is natural wood or has a neutral tone, it’s best not to use the same color as your door for your siding. Instead, aim for something that contrasts against it gently, such as a red door with a cool neutral gray for your lap siding base color.

Since the siding will be close to the poor, people won’t be able to help but ogle over the gorgeous flow of color, shape, and texture.

If you don’t want to add or replace your siding, another viable option is to have it pressure washed. Pressure washing removes the mold, grunge, water stains, and practically anything. You can rent one of these for less than a hundred dollars a day or pay for a service to do the job. You’ll be amazed as your home and siding suddenly look brand new.

Shingles That Highlight The Tones

Carrying forward the energy of new greenery out front: you should try to gather the same tone of your door’s color in what color you pick for your roof. Although you don’t have to go as far as a metal roof painted bright green for a green door, it’s a fun idea to get the best shingles and get them in a warm or cool shade that works with your entry door if your HOA allows.

If you already have shingles with a long life expectancy remaining, allow your roof color to dictate what color door for which you opt. For example, cool-toned shingles may lead you to paint your door indigo, or warm-toned tiles steer you towards classic red.

A New Front Door Is A Welcoming Change

New doors are a fun way to completely switch up how you and anyone visiting your home see it. You can change things up by picking different door glass sizes, shapes, or accessories you hang on it. Remember, your door is like the ribbon that ties the rest of your home together. Use it to create a unique look that will inspire others, and welcome you home for years to come.