Commercial Reflective Roofing

Commercial Reflective Roofing, also known as Commercial Reflective Cool Roof has become more and more popular in South Florida as per capita energy consumption in the state has increased along with the average utility bill. When replacing a roof, consider a reflective surface to reduce cooling costs and possibly receive energy efficiency tax credits or rebates from your local utility.


Roof Without Total Efficiency System

  • UV rays and high temperatures are absorbed by the materials of conventional rooftops, raising roof temperature
  • Heat is trapped and creates a “cooking” effect that can create moisture in attics or upper levels, raising AC usage and causing mold
  • Basic insulation will lose its retention properties, making it ineffective
  • Heating and cooling units will suffer from constantly running equipment

Roof With Total Efficiency System

  • Total Efficiency roof coatings, shingles, and tiles reflect harmful UV rays and keep roof temperatures lower, cooling the entire property as a result
  • Solar panel systems create self-sustaining energy for properties large and small, reducing and sometimes eliminating energy bills
  • Ventilation systems naturally circulate cool air throughout upper levels, removing moisture and hot air and reducing AC usage
  • Insulation systems have higher retention properties, keeping the property cooler with less energy consumed

While every property will see somewhat different results, the average savings on utility bills is significant.

Call Garabar today and schedule a free energy efficiency audit. We’ll provide you with professional feedback and keep you informed on any local, state, or federal tax incentives available for your upgrade.