The Garabar Guarantee

Our Partnership with General Materials Corporation (GAF)

Garabar was again named a Master Elite Contractor by GAF, the largest shingle manufacturer in North America, which has provided us access to roofing materials from a company with over 100 years of experience selling top-quality roofing products. Through our partnership, we are able to provide even longer extended warranties than our strongest competitors.

Our partnership continues our dedication to our customers as we now also have even more post-purchase tools at our disposal to maximize customer satisfaction.

GAF Golden Pledge WarrantyExplore GAF’s Featured Roofing Warranty: The Golden Pledge

Our warranties are just one of the things that make us the industry-leading company we are.

The Golden Pledge warranty is the best GAF has to offer – not only do they warranty their shingles for between 20 and 50 years depending on the type, but they also warranty our workmanship for up to 20 years. So when you choose the Golden Pledge, you get our excellent warranty, and theirs too.

You’ll also have three layers of protection as we’re installing your roof. We do our own internal inspection. The municipality will do their inspection, and GAF will do one of its own, so you’ll always have peace of mind knowing that a Golden Pledge warranty is behind you 100%.

Ask about the Golden Pledge Warranty, and Garabar Roofing, Windows & Doors warranties we offer when you speak to our sales representative. Call us at (561) 337-6798 to schedule a free estimate today!

We offer more than your average roofing and home contracting company!