How Florida Homeowners Prepare Their Homes For Hurricanes The Easy Way

January 8, 2021

Florida homeowners know that hurricane impact-rated windows and doors have become essential. Many here have already invested in new windows and doors. Even our seasonal residents (lovingly referred to as snowbirds) have heard the chatter. There are many advantages associated with having impact windows and doors. However, many have yet to take action.

Our snowbirds travel back to their other homes each year. At the beginning of almost every South Florida summer, HOA’s, neighbors, family, and friends encourage our part-time Floridians to take precautions. Florida has High-Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ), so it’s wise to prepare for a potential hurricane threat while away.

However, many part-timers feel that either the expense is unaffordable or don’t have a company they can trust to do the job properly for a fair and reasonable price.

Even worse, some folks still aren’t aware of the many other benefits that an investment in impact-resistant windows and doors will return. These perks can be especially beneficial for our seasonal residents. And Snowbirds can leave for months without worrying about their property while away.

Extreme Weather Protection 

Impact windows and doors provide a protective shield for your home year-round. Would you like to rest easy when hurricane season comes around? Garabar recommends this home improvement because it’s an intelligent thing to do! We can help you keep your home safe. 

Our windows and doors must go through several tests from multiple agencies to ensure their durability. The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and the North American Fenestration Standard (NAFS) rigorously test hurricane impact windows for missile-type projectiles. Garabar’s hurricane-rated impact-resistant windows and doors must pass stringent Miami-Dade Testing and meet strict Florida Building Code.

The first of the two tests include shooting ten projectiles out of a cannon at the window. That is followed by firing a nine-pound piece of lumber at multiple points on the glass. The second test uses a machine that simulates varying degrees of pressure against the glass. For each material to pass the test, the hole from the projectile is less than five inches and does not let anything larger than a three-inch sphere pass through. All of the products that we offer homeowners pass these tests.

Home Invasion Prevention

Home invasions are a frequent concern for those who split their time between two different states. Studies show that an intruder or burglar enters a home every 20.9 seconds in the United States. That statistic can be alarming for those who only reside at a property half the year. While impact windows and doors’ primary purpose is to protect your home from extreme weather conditions. As a bonus, they are also nearly impossible for intruders to compromise.

The properties of impact glass prevent making an opening large enough for anyone to pass through, even if they manage to get the glass to shatter. Many people have them installed into their homes for this reason alone due to the nearly foolproof security it provides.

Impact windows and doors from Garabar offer year-long security, so you’ll never again have to board up your home. You’ll never worry about unwanted intruders again. To get started on your new impact windows and doors project today, give Garabar a call for a free quote at [xyz-ics snippet=”Phone-Number-1″]! We have trucks traveling all around Lake Worth, Boca Raton, Palm Beach County, and beyond. We can respond faster!