Garabar Roofing Work in Boca Raton, FL

5th Avenue Shoppes – Commercial (flat)

This project consisted of various repairs throughout the 5th Avenue Shopping Center in Northeast Boca Raton. The roofing repairs we performed on these flat roofs included removing all surface blisters and resealing exposed areas. Roof repair work was followed by our TotalCare Maintenance Plan to ensure a long-lasting roof system.

Barry Plaza – Commercial (flat)

This flat roof required several repairs to the surface and roofing envelope due to years of delamination and blisters found on the roofing system. Upon its completion, a TotalCare Maintenance Plan was implemented to prolong the overall life expectancy of the roof.

Royal Palm Place Tower – Apartments/mixed retail

This charming large luxury apartment complex enrolled in our TotalCare Maintenance Program for semi-regular roof repairs and maintenance. By replacing broken tiles and removing vegetative buildup in various sections of the property, this roof will maintain its weatherproof properties and add to the life of the entire building envelope system.

501 N. Ocean – Apartment complex (flat roof)

Facing front-line exposure to heavy winds during South Florida punishing storm seasons, this Oceanside apartment complex needed various repairs on its flat roof due to blisters and salt damage corroding the roofing materials. We were able to preserve the roofing system and add years to its life through a comprehensive roof maintenance program.

803 E. Palmetto – Apartment Complex

After years of the elements taking their toll on this apartment complex, a complete roof replacement was needed. We were able to preserve the building’s structural integrity while installing a new roof with a strong life expectancy of 20 years.

St. Andrews – Gated Community

Located in the Luxury Community of St. Andrews, this beautiful home needed a Patio, Deck, and Terrace replacement. When minor damages occur in these structures, water and vegetation can creep in and cause major additional damage. Fortunately, we were able to replace the deck and preserve the home’s structural integrity.

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