Garabar Roofing Work in Palm Beach, Florida

Residential Roofing Projects

Hi Mount Rd., Palm Beach, FL

Project Details: The project consisted of the repair of an existing skylight that was not up to the current building code. The home insurance company was going to cancel the policy as a result. Garabar Replaced the skylight with a Miami-Dade hurricane impact-rated unit.


Chilean Ave., Palm Beach, FL

Project Details: The entire east side of the house was re-roofed due to poorly executed details from the replacement of the roof. The roof was only 4 years old when it began to fail and the property owner was not covered by a warranty. Garabar was able to offer a minimum 10-year guarantee.


Wells Rd., Palm Beach, FL

Project Details: Full residential roof replacement and re-insulation of attic space with blow-in insulation. The sloped tile roof and flat roof areas were both replaced. The chimney flashing was replaced and custom color tiles were produced for the customer.

Commercial Roofing Projects

Glades Association Services and Property Management
Mizner Court 184 Sunset Avenue, Palm Beach, FL 33480

Project Details: This project involved the restoration of a roof that had been deteriorating but still had the potential to be saved from further damage. As a result, Garabar was able to restore the existing roof system rather than replace it. Garabar installed an Energy Star certified white coating, which will help the building with energy consumption and improved leak resistance.


Bradley Park Hotel
280 Sunset Ave., Palm Beach, FL 33480

Project Details: This project consisted of an extensive roof repair on a historical building which presented many challenges. Garabar was able to implement the first part of a roof maintenance program by determining the weak points in the roof and beginning to repair the deteriorated parts. The end result was that Garabar was able to salvage the existing roof rather than having to conduct a costly re-installation.


Sloane Construction Company, Inc.
177 Main St., Palm Beach, Florida 33480

Project Details: Garabar was chosen to install the roof on this project which involved the installation of a roof on new construction. The property is located within the Historic District of Palm Beach and the entire project had to follow the local historic preservation regulations.


Investments Limited Properties
420 Royal Palm Way, Palm Beach, FL 33480

Project Details: This building was in desperate need of a roof coating. The process required the removal of debris, pressure washing, and the repair of blisters as per the manufacturer’s request. Garabar then applied GACO Western 5320 Primer to all exposed asphalt areas and GACO Western S-2000 Coating in the amount of 1.85 gallons per 100 sq. ft of roof surface.