Garabar Roofing Work in West Palm Beach, Florida

Residential Roofing Projects

Single Family Home – Washington Road

This beautifully designed home had a leaking plaza deck which had expanded into the roofing system. Repairs had been attempted by another roofing contractor which worsened the existing conditions. We were able to provide an entire roof replacement to correct the plaza deck and roofing system, with a new life expectancy of 20 years and a limited need for maintenance.

Single Family Home – Heathridge Dr.

This home had incurred several leaks and was in need of minor repairs. Upon correcting these leaks, a white, elastomeric roof coating was laid on the roof surface to weatherize and waterproof the property.

Single Family Home – 33rd St.

A historic property in West Palm Beach, this home desperately needed a roof replacement – typically a challenge in terms of maintaining historic guidelines. We were able to install an entirely new roofing system while preserving the home and upholding the local historical building mandates.

Single Family Home – Heathridge Dr.

Due to high winds and other external factors, the chimney of this home had completely collapsed! Needing a repair plan very quickly, we were able to reconstruct the chimney while repairing other damaged areas and providing preventative maintenance.

Single Family Home – Forest Hill Blvd.

In need of various minor repairs, the Forest Villas had accrued several small leaks and blisters over the years. Upon correcting these problematic areas, we were able to provide a roof coating and establish a TotalCare Maintenance Program for future preventative maintenance.

Commercial Roofing Projects

2522 S. Military Trail

This flat, commercial roof had seen years of severe damage with very little maintenance. As a result, an entire re-roof procedure was needed. We were able to completely replace the existing roofing system and set up a preventative maintenance plan for the future.

4806 N. Flagler (Flagler Cove)

This flat roof was in danger of needing a complete replacement. With several small damages adding up, different areas had turned into major threats to the roofing system. We were able to correct the affected areas and preserve the original system, saving thousands of dollars compared to a full replacement.