Slate Roofing in South Florida

Slat Roofing South Florida

Slate is one of the most versatile and aesthetically pleasing roofing materials available in our area. Known for its durability and aesthetic beauty, slate has become a popular choice for homeowners who wish to have a unique roofing system, unlike most in the area.

Roofing slate is manufactured from natural stone formed under extreme heat and pressure. This formation process creates a rock that is extremely hard and resistant to elements including fire and water. This very nature is what allows a properly installed slate roof to last decades and centuries. Slate will not become saturated with water, even during the extreme conditions we experience in Florida and it is fireproof for added protection to your home. Despite its strength, slate can be split into the characteristic shingle form that is most commonly seen.

Overall Cost of Ownership

While slate is more expensive to produce and install, causing higher upfront costs, it does tend to last longer than most other roofing applications and can offer a low cost of ownership over time. The stone is also naturally resistant to mold and other contamination, adding the benefit of lower maintenance costs over the years. New slate technology from GAF TruSlate™ has brought down the cost of a slate roofing system; however, the cost will still exceed that of a similar tile roofing system. Further, a slate roof may be able to reduce your utility bills because of its excellent insulation properties and may increase the value of your home, since slate is one of the most sought-after roofing options.

Spotlight On Warranties

As a GAF Certified SlateCrafter™ Specialist, Garabar is able to offer GAF’s exclusive Ultimate Pledge Limited Warranty, which if selected, will cover material and workmanship for years.