Tile Roofing Products

Tile Roofing in South Florida

Hundreds of variants exist in the tile roofing market from flat to barreled and rolled. Tile roofs are generally split into two main categories: concrete and clay. Concrete tile has the benefit of cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency, while clay tile provides the traditional aesthetic beauty but is more susceptible to cracking from under-foot pressure. However, clay tile resists the elements and can last for 50 years or more in normal weather circumstances. Both have very high fire ratings.

Types of Tile Roofs

Florida is one of the largest roof tile markets in the country and as such, there is a huge selection of tiles to be had. Generally, they fall into two style categories:

Flat Tile

All the durability and fire resistance of tile with the look of shake.

Barrel Tile

The classic Mediterranean feel and old-world charm of a half-circle clay or concrete tile.

Tile Manufacturers