How South Florida Weather Brutalizes Your Flat Roof

January 9, 2021

Buildings rely on the roof to maintain the structural integrity of the space. In most cases, building owners and homeowners alike take preventative steps to protect their roofs from Florida’s extreme storms. However, something as seemingly harmless as a hot summer day can damage a flat roof. We recommend you keep an eye out for these three potential problems because you reside in South Florida.

Roof Blistering 

A roof that allows water to penetrate through is an issue that needs to be dealt with swiftly. Florida’s high temperatures combined with precipitation water and humidity can gradually lift the felt off a roof.  Higher temperatures eventually lead to roof blistering, which we can repair if we catch it in the early stages. If blisters are left unattended, they could damage the roof beyond repair. Garabar recommends that you inspect your roof for blistering once a month. Roof blistering typically takes the form of small holes or craters on the surface of your roof. The sun is more intense in communities near the beach like Delray Beach, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, and Palm Beach, so monitoring is essential.

Moisture Damage

Florida roofs are no stranger to moisture. It is vital to keep a close eye on your roof’s moisture build-up. If water is allowed to collect for too long, mold and fungus can grow. If left in the South Florida heat, the mold and fungus can spread at an increased rate, which can lead to potential health problems and compromise your roof’s draining capacity.  Be sure to do a personal inspection once a month in your attic and crawl space to ensure that your roof is not enabling mold and fungus growth.

Thermal Cycle Issues

During the summer, various weather conditions affect your roof. Flat-style roofs tend to expand and contract as the conditions fluctuate, which can lead to water leaks. An excellent way to prevent this kind of damage is to apply breathable PVC material to help your roof withstand the condensation and thermal cycles.

Flat roofs, just like any, should have regular inspections. If you suspect any of these issues are occurring, contact Garabar Roofing today. Most roofing problems become worse with time or result in a full roof replacement. Garabar offers free assessments. Get yours today by calling [xyz-ics snippet= “Phone-Number-1”].