Patio Leak Repair

Patio Leak Repair in South Florida

Patio leaks have become an all too common occurrence in South Florida as the building boom of the past decade created an increase in poorly constructed patio systems. Tying a patio into a building’s frame is an important step in the construction process and one that is not often given the level of attention that is needed. When building a large number of properties in a short period of time, the possibility of structural failures is increased.

Patio leaks can be devastating as they are very hard to pinpoint and the water intrusion that they allow can seep directly into the most fragile parts of the home including under rugs and tile, causing significant water damage issues. Patio leaks, however, do not have to destroy your property. Early detection and preventative maintenance can allow deficient areas to be found and corrected before significant damage occurs.

If you believe that your patio may have a problem with its structural integrity, please call us

We will provide a complimentary inspection, find the exact source of the leak, and offer the best solution to repair it. Many times we will be able to create a plan to fix the problem in the most cost-effective manner saving the property owner hundreds or even thousands of dollars over a complete replacement.

As a premier general contractor and waterproofing specialist in South Florida, Garabar has performed minor and major repairs to patio leaks in various communities throughout the area. Garabar has also been contracted to repair patios on entire building complexes. No matter the severity of the patio leak, whether it is a small intrusion or a concrete restoration project, Garabar can help. Call us at (561) 337-6798.