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When you’re looking for a new front door or trying to find a nice color for your roofing tile, think Garabar. We carry a wide selection of top-selling windows, entry doors, and all types of roofing products.

Choosing the right product or material for your job is crucial to your project.  For most of our customers, longevity, and durability in the Florida heat are important, as well as a product’s ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. Florida homeowners are often concerned about Hurricanes too, with good reason.  Hurricanes and heavy rains are all part of living in beautiful South Florida.

>Products for Florida Homes and Business

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We believe you should see these various building products to make an informed and educated decision.  If you need shingles, tile, metal, or flat for your new roof, Garabar can assist you. We also sell and install roofing accessories, such as hurricane impact-rated skylights! If you need help selecting the right sliding glass patio door, our experienced consultants are always happy to aid and advise you.

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There are many manufacturers available, but some not-so-good ones as well. Garabar only carries products from tried and true manufacturers that you, as a consumer, can depend on.

Call the experts at Garabar at (561) 337-6798. We’re in your neighborhood!

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